Cooking Without

Food is amazing. It can completely change your life, for the better or the worse. How often do you check what your eating? Not just look at it, but actually READ or ASK for the ingredients? I know I haven’t been conscious of my food in the last year. Majority of my life? Yes. Since I was ten years old I’ve been conscious.

After a short jaunt on the beach with my son he finally knocked out in the carrier and I got to do some swaying and reading. This can be perfected with time, but you must slowly ween yourself off the swaying in order to not hurl from motion sickness. I began a re-read of a wonderful book I own “Cooking Without” which was given to me during my vegan/no gluten/healthier phase of my life. The introduction depicts problems; allergies, being overweight, being underweight, emotional instability, etc. and how all our “problems” can somehow become connected to our daily food & drink intake.

Whatever your diet is, try giving this book a read. Do it for a month. Test yourself. See the difference. It doesn’t hurt to go outside the [jack in the] box.


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