Let Me Call You Right Back

The dreaded words. When they come out my mouth I know I’ve jinxed myself.

I am infamous for the “let me…( insert typical thing to say to friend)” and then never get to it. Pre-child I was pretty bad at this, but once baby came along it just grew into a one mile spider web. I have to-do lists up the punanny that haven’t been completed.

Worse off are the call backs I never do. Honestly, I’m not trying to ignore anybody. Maybe. Mostly it’s because my brain cells have been pissed on. Sorry, I meant to say it’s because I’m tired, a baby just stopped crying in my ear after 30 minutes, I’ve only had 3 hours sleep for the last 8 months, I haven’t showered, I haven’t eaten, my feet hurt from walking circles around the neighborhood in an Ergo (Don’t know? Google it), I haven’t cleaned house (fully) since I was pregnant and before that stage where all I could do was wobble, I’ve been trying to keep up with feeding the mice that took residence under the pile of laundry that I haven’t been able to wash, and when I do get a chance…I’d rather sleep.

Speaking of sleep, let me finish this later…


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